Reimagining spices through direct farmer engagement.

From Afghanistan to Vietnam, we work with farmers to improve spice, building relationships and collaborating to improve growing and harvesting methods to bring unique spices to global markets.


Our family is devoted to planting peace from the ground up and at the dinner table, beginning with transforming minefields into lush farmland and ending with you sprinkling our flavors over your favorite meal. Taste the difference.


STEP 1. Create & Cultivate

In 2017, we launched Noble House Spice to support rural farmers to bring their product to market so they may better support their livelihood.  We identify the top spice varieties available and work with the farmers to improve the quality and yields of their products.  In return, the farmers earn higher prices for their superior produce and we can bring you a top notch spice.


STEP 2. Harvest & Export

After years of testing, we have perfected our signature Noble Red Peppercorn.  This late harvest black pepper has a more balanced pallet and presents a distinctive burgundy color.  We also developed a Black-Black Pepper, providing much darker and cleaner luster from our post-harvesting improvements. We're very excited to have connected with women farming Aleppo Chili Pepper imported directly from Syria, a rarity these days as the Aleppo Pepper you see on the shelves is likely a different Turkish variety.


STEP 3. Cook & Eat

Take a look in your spice cabinet.  Chances are you can't remember when you purchased all those dusty bottles.  At Noble House Spice, we encourage you to keep your spice rack fresh, to indulge in the ritual of perfecting your recipes and sharing them with friends and family.  You're perfectly seared steak or crunchy Spring salad does't deserve bland, dusty cracked pepper.  Step it up. You'll taste the difference in our lovingly harvested products.

Follow us as we improve the spice industry that has not changed in hundreds of years.


Noble Red Peppercorns

Unique color, unforgettable flavor. These are black peppercorns that are delicately allowed extra time to fully ripen on the vine! It's like the difference of tasting a green banana vs. a fully ripened banana. They are more floral, fruity and complex with gentle heat. Taste the difference.

pepper farms.jpg

Directly from the farm, with love.

We've been single source, farmer direct, responsibly harvested and fair trade before those were household words. We work hard to create relationships directly with farmers so you can get the freshest, most flavorful spices full of rich aromas and intense flavors. Time to taste what spice is really about.


Sargol Saffron

Long, completely red strands with maximum flavor